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CVAS is committed to helping promote the conservation of our natural habitats. In this section, you'll find tips and tricks from our Conservation Chair on how to reduce your impact on the environment, utilize native plants, and attract more of our avian friends to your environmentally friendly yard.

Conejo Valley Audubon is also offering their services to consult with anyone who wants to convert their yard into a Native Habitat. We can help you create the perfect native plant based oasis to help attract birds to your yard. Contact Dee Lyon for more information at 805-499-2165.

Our Lawns to Habitat program is now finished applications for the 2018 season. You can read about our program here.

Information on our Heritage Park project can be found here.

Native Habitat Handouts

  • Backyard Conversion - Anxious to get a start on your own backyard? Here's handout that will guide you through the process of setting up a native plant based backyard.
  • Bird Friendly Plants - Want to plant some native plants in order to attract birds, but you don't know which plants will attract which birds? Here's a helpful reference sheet for some popular options.
  • Low Maintenance Yard - Looking for an option to grass? Here's some information for a sunny yard that has very little water consumption.
  • Meadow Garden - This design for a sunny front yard centers on a small area of grasses and wildflowers, surrounded by groundcovers, which in turn are bordered by large habitat-friendly shrubs
  • Tree Trimming - Help protect our birds by scheduling your tree trimming during there non-breeding season. This guide can help you ensure that you are in compliance with the various laws out regarding the protection of nesting birds.

Conservation Resources


Six More Things That Are Recyclable

  1. Human Hair
  2. Old Jeans
  3. Wine Bottles
  4. Cotton balls, swabs, lint, etc.
  5. Crayons
  6. Surfboards

See out October newsletter for more details on how those items can be recycled effectively.

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