The National Audubon Society (NAS) has decided that it will no longer fund local chapters from the annual fees that it collects from each National member. As a result, the Conejo Valley Audubon Society’s (CVAS) Board of Directors decided in 2003 that it will be necessary to institute local chapter dues. The chapter dues will replace the lost funding and enable your chapter to continue its local efforts in education, conservation, publishing the newsletter and in supporting the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology.

The chapter dues will be $20.00 a year per family. NAS members will have to pay their chapter dues to remain a CVAS member and to receive the Roadrunner newsletters. If you opt to receive your newsletter by e-mail, you will get your copy up to two weeks earlier than the printed copy. Also, the resultant savings in printing costs and postage will enable CVAS to provide increased support for local education and conservation issues. CVAS's membership term will be for a fixed 12 month period corresponding to the activity year i.e. from July 2008 to June 2009. If you wish to be a chapter-only member, you can pay the chapter dues and drop your NAS renewal. In doing so, you will no longer receive the National Audubon Magazine and your dues will go towards local issues only.

CVAS recommends that you support NAS and your local chapter. This will require paying both the NAS membership fee and CVAS chapter dues. The NAS’s annual fees are $35/year for current members. NAS has reduced first year rates for new members to $20/year or $15/year for students or seniors 62 or over.


Membership benefits include:

National Audubon Society
• Membership in NAS
• Subscription to the Audubon Magazine - 4 issues/year
• Free admission to many NAS Nature Centers

Conejo Valley Audubon Society
• Membership in CVAS
• Subscription to the monthly CVAS newsletter - 10 issues/year
• Free admission to CVAS meetings and most field trips
• Opportunities to meet others interested in wildlife conservation and the environment


Please use the printable Membership Application form to submit your membership request to NAS and/or to CVAS. For additional information, contact Bob Parker at (please substitute membership for "username").



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