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2018 Field Trip / Meeting Calendar

May 6Conejo Valley Audubon Garden Tour6 Gardens Available to Visit
May 77:30 PMGeneral MeetingWestern Foundation Building
May 98:00 AMBeginner Bird WalkRancho Sierra Vista / Satwiwa
May 139:00AMField TripTejon Ranch
May 199:00 AMField TripCoal Oil Point Reserve
Jun 38:00 AMAnnual Picnic & BirdwalkLos Robles Trail
Jun 138:00 AMBeginner Bird WalkRancho Sierra Vista / Satwiwa


May 2018 Field Trips
Sunday, May 6th - Conejo Valley Audubon Garden Tour / 6 Gardens Available to Visit
On Sunday, May 6, Conejo Valley Audubon will be hosting its first Garden Tour, from 9 AM to 2 PM. The tour is open to all Audubon members. This tour is free of charge, but donations toward the CVAS Habitat Restoration Fund are welcomed. Please see the May newsletter for more details.
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Monday, May 7th - General Meeting / Western Foundation Building
Birding in South America is, simply stated, beyond description. The Andes dominate the landscape of western South America and are one of the longest mountain ranges on earth. Up to three hundred miles wide and with peaks in excess of 22,000 feet, the Andes divide the landscape. They provide an astounding diversity of habitats, including distinctly different Pacific and Atlantic slopes and a variety of subalpine and alpine ecosystems. As a result, the diversity and sheer number of birds is astounding. This small country of Ecuador is home to 16 percent of the world's bird species! While it is difficult to bird the entire country in one trip, the northern Andes region centered around Quito provides an incredible birding experience in a manageable geographic region. David Pereksta spent 2 weeks traveling in this region during 2017, where he saw more than 450 bird species. Tonight he will share the highlights of his travels with a collection of interesting stories and photos that can be described only as eye candy. David Pereksta is an Avian Biologist with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. He studies and analyzes the effects of offshore oil and gas and renewable energy development on birds off the Pacific coast and Hawaii. An avid birder for over 40 years, David has traveled throughout North America, Central America, South America, the South Pacific and East Asia. He has led trips to Belize, Costa Rica and Peru. He has seen nearly 2000 species of birds in his travels, photographing more than 1300 species along the way.
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Wednesday, May 9th - Beginner Bird Walk / Rancho Sierra Vista / Satwiwa
Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa main parking lot Call Richard Armerding for details (310) 701-3878.
Contact: Richard Armerding / 310-701-3878

Sunday, May 13th - Field Trip / Tejon Ranch
The Tejon Ranch Conservancy manages 270,000 acres of land where four major ecological regions meet: The Central Valley, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Mojave Desert and Southwestern California. As a result, a high diversity of plant and animal species can be encountered, including over 200 species of birds, a third of Californiaís native oak taxa and at least 60 sensitive plant and animal species. We may trek through grasslands, chaparral/scrublands, oak woodlands, riparian woodlands, spring-fed wetlands and perhaps even the northwesternmost extent of Joshua tree woodlands in Southern California. We'll visit the Antelope Valley side of the property, with potential to see large numbers of migrating songbirds and shorebirds touching down on the first canyons and seeps available after passing over the the Mojave Desert. California Condors forage and roost, Golden Eagles fly over and Burrowing Owls can be glimpsed on the Ranch. We also may observe Roadrunners, Scott's Orioles, Ladder-backed Woodpeckers, and Mountain Bluebirds in addition to Pronghorn antelope and bobcats. Those who come will contribute their observations to TRCís annual Breeding Bird Blitz being conducted that day. Space is limited. Please contact Angela at fieldtrips@conejovalleyaudubon.org to sign up and receive directions. Trip leader is Bonnie Clarfield-Bylin.
Contact: Bonnie Clarfield-Bylin / 805-402-5632

Saturday, May 19th - Field Trip / Coal Oil Point Reserve
Will the third time be the charm? This trip was canceled by fire in December 2017 and by rain in March 2018. Nevertheless, we persist! This coastal strand property located four miles from UC Santa Barbara is part of the University of California Natural Reserve System. Its purpose is protecting native habitats to support research, education, outreach and stewardship. An Important Bird Area, this site supports thousands of migratory birds. During the tour our guide will take us on about two miles of trails through various habitats, including sandy beach, coastal dunes, grassland, and Devereux Slough. Devereux Slough is a great place to see water birds. Our outing is timed to coincide with lower tides when more mud flats are exposed, enhancing our ability to view shorebirds. We may see Ospreys, Cormorants, Red-breasted Mergansers, Eared Grebes, Snowy Plovers and Fox and Savannah Sparrows, among others. Please submit your signed waiver form either in person at the Monday, May 7 monthly meeting, or via email to fieldtrips@conejovalleyaudubon.org (if you previously submitted a form, no need to submit another, but please let Angela know you still intend to go). Carpoolers will gather at Las Posas Park and Ride and leave by 8:00 a.m. Directions: From Hwy 101 north exit at Glen Annie/Storke Rd and turn onto Storke Rd toward the ocean. Take Storke Rd until it hits El Colegio Rd. At this point stay in the right-hand lane and Storke Rd turns into Slough Rd. Slough Rd. then leads to a locked gate. You use the code 1803 to enter the reserve and park for free. You will see a sign on your way which directs you to the parking lot. Trip leaders are Polly (a docent with COPR for many years) and Dee Lyon (805) 427-0987. The group size is limited to 20 people, but if more are interested we will explore whether COPR can schedule a second docent that morning.
Contact: Dee Lyon / 805-427-0987

June 2018 Field Trips
Sunday, June 3rd - Annual Picnic & Birdwalk / Los Robles Trail
For the eleventh year in a row, our CVAS Annual Picnic will be held at Los Robles Trail, located adjacent to the original Janss' House in Thousand Oaks. This beautiful location provides ample areas of both shade and sun. Go south on Moorpark Road to the end, approximately one mile south of the 101 freeway. Turn right on Greenmeadow Ave and proceed approximately one mile to the parking lot at the end of Greenmeadow. Carpooling is encouraged as parking is limited. There will be a potluck picnic at 10:30 am. Please bring these food items to share for eight. If your name begins with: A to I bring a Dessert J to Q bring a Salad R to Z bring a Main Dish Please bring your own table service, drinks and chairs. Come early and join the pre-picnic birdwalk which starts at 8:00 am.
Contact: Dee Lyon / 805-499-2165

Wednesday, June 13th - Beginner Bird Walk / Rancho Sierra Vista / Satwiwa
Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa main parking lot Call Richard Armerding for details (310) 701-3878.
Contact: Richard Armerding / 310-701-3878

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