Ventura County 2019 Warbler Bingo!

Fall migration is nearly upon us once again! In Ventura County that means hundreds of warblers chipping their way through our county. We're bringing back our simple, yet challenging, game for birders to play while they are out craning their necks for those elusive little birds. The game is Warbler Bingo! Our game starts on September 1st, so start brushing up on those warbler field marks! Last year, Bruce Henderson claimed a Warbler Bingo victory with a bingo consisting of Northern Waterthrush, Wilson's Warbler, American Redstart, Yellow Warbler and a Black-and-white Warbler.


How to Play

  • Fill out your name and email to receive a game card.
  • As you go out birding after September 1st, simply mark off the birds on your card that you have seen or heard.
  • If you are lucky enough to get five warblers in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) then email and let us know that you have a Warbler Bingo!
  • Our fall warblers seem to love tamarisks, so be sure to check those places out regularly!
  • Birding relies heavily on the honor system and so do we! Please only record birds that you are able to postively ID.
  • The game starts on 9/1/19 and runs through 11/30/19 and sightings only count if they are within that timeframe.
  • Only warblers seen in Ventura County count for our game.
  • Only one Warbler Bingo card allowed per person.

Photo by Don Klabunde


  • The first person to get a Warbler Bingo will receive two free tickets to Conejo Valley Audubon Society's annual dinner and auction in the spring! Tickets are not redeemable for cash, sorry.
  • The winner will also receive a certificate of accomplishment for their outstanding warbler watching.
  • Bragging rights are optional.

Full Name: Email Address:

(If your email address is an AOL address, it will take a bit longer to get your bingo card, please be patient.)

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