CVAS - America's Birdiest County Count!

It's that time of year again! This year will mark the fourth consecutive year that we'll get out and see what birds are in Ventura County. In 2016 we had 45 participants who managed to find 219 species. Our goal is to beat both of those numbers this year!

This year's ABC count will take place from Friday April 28th thru Sunday April 30th . It will be a full 72 hour period, so the clock runs from midnight on Friday to midnight on Sunday. We are counting any and all birds seen within the confines of Ventura County. For pelagic birds to count, they must been seen from land.

Final Count Total: 219

Wondering how you can help? Here's a short list of ways people can help out during the count period

  • Go count birds!
  • Bird your yard - any lingering winter birds are great finds
  • Chase down some of the tougher to locate birds
  • Take some friends out birding or lead an organized trip
  • Won't be around during count time? Scout some birds ahead of time!

If you would like to be involved, please email me at and let me know what you're doing or what you'd be interested in. Organized trips, updated species counts, rare bird sightings, and important missing birds will be posted here during the count, so check back often!

We will also be requiring Rare Bird documentation for any rare species you encounter. Photos will go a long way to helping ID those tough birds, so try to get some shots if at all possible. Rare Bird forms and photos can be sent to What's a rare bird? If ebird flags them as rare then you'll need a rare bird form.

Ready to get counting? Here are some checklists created by our own Don Klabunde to help you keep track of your birds. You can fill these out as you're birding and then email your completed checklists to for them to be added to the count. You can also send copies of ebirds lists, or even just typed lists of birds to the same email address.

Checklists by Habitat

Checklists by specific area (If there isn't a list for your location, you can pick one that is closest by location or habitat)

Good luck out there!

Photo by Don Klabunde


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